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Follow the Women - USA

Next FTW Ride to Palestine November 11-19, 2014. Contact U.S. coordinators Mary M Bennett or Kathleen Walker

WHAT IS Follow the Women?
Follow the Women is an international non-political grassroots organization campaigning for peace in the Middle East.  Our signature activity is the Pedal for Peace Bike Rides which take place in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Click here for FTW’s international website (opens in new window).

WHO IS Follow the Women?
We are ordinary women, citizens from over 40 countries.   At each bike ride 200-300 females from more than 25 countries converge on the Middle East to bike for peace.  Men participate as medics, mechanics or media.  A U.S. team has been on every ride.  Up to 20 participants are accepted per country team. Riders are expected to agree to FTW's Aims & Objectives (opens in new window)  

WHERE IS Follow the Women?
The international center of the organization is based in England where Follow the Women is a registered charity.  Each participating country has a local resident coordinator who liaisons with the international center. The USA Team, scattered all over the country, has a virtual headquarters by way of this website.

WHEN IS Follow the Women? 
Pedal for Peace Bike Rides occur about every 18 months, except for a recent long hiatus due to the Arab Spring.

April 16-23, 2004 
September 15-24, 2005
April 6-20, 2007
May 2-15, 2008
October 8-21, 2009
February 15-24, 2013

WHY IS Follow the Women? 
Our main objective is to call attention to the fact that it is women and children who suffer most in areas of conflict, whether it be living under a military occupation, or in refugee camps, or under the threat of rockets and suicide bombers. Several hundred women riding on bicycles in the Middle East is extremely unusual.  Our head-turning cycling compels the media to report on the event and interview us and this coverage provides us a platform for our peace messages.  We also have various projects, including building playgrounds for Palestinian children in refugee camps. Our mission is summarized in four simple words:

Go. See. Tell. Act.  


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Photo Rotating Banner, FTW by Marta Sara, Jordan, LEBANON by Colleen McGuire, NY SYRIA by Martha Sara, Jordan, JORDAN by Selma Sevkli, Turkey, PALESTINE by Flore-Aël Surun, France
Photo Women on Bikes courtesy of Elaine Morton, UK

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